A Look Back | Laguna, Philippines

These photos were shot in 2011 from a short trip to the Philippines. We went on a day out to Laguna, about a two-hour drive southeast of Metro Manila and visited Rizal Shrine. The two-storey Spanish-colonial style house is a reproduction of the birthplace and family home of Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines. The original House was destroyed during World War II.

All photos are taken with Horizon 202 on Portra 160 NC

img115 copy
Calamba, Laguna | Philippines
Rizal Shrine, Calamba


Accidental double exposure
First floor gallery
First floor gallery
Dining room
One of the bedrooms


Rizal Shrine, Calamba
Bahay Kubo (cube house)
Rizal Shrine, Calamba



Old Mission Santa Barbara (Black & White)

This is the second set of photos from an unplanned day out in Santa Barbara. I used the last few frames left on the expired roll of Fujifilm  Neopan SS 100 that’s been in the camera since April.

All photos taken with Leica M6/Summicron 50/F2

20180430C-023 copy

20180430C-024 copy
20180430C-032 copy
20180430C-033 copy
20180430C-035 copy
20180430C-022 copy
20180430C-036 copy
20180430C-031 copy

Old Mission Santa Barbara (Color)

The mission is the 10th of the 21 religious outposts built in California from 1769 to 1833. These photos were from an unplanned day out to Santa Barbara. We walked around the church garden and cemetery, but didn’t have a lot of time to see the church interior. The staff informed us that the church will be closed to visitors for the rest of the afternoon, as they were making preparations for a wedding.

All photos taken with Bessa R4M/CV Color Skopar 21/F4 on Kodak GT 800 (expired)

20181001C-022 copy
20181001C-023 copy
20181001C-014 copy
20181001C-007 copy
20181001C-008 copy
20181001C-011 copy
20181001C-019 copy
20181001C-017 copy
20181001C-020 copy
20181001C-001 copy
20181001C-003 copy
20181001C-005 copy
20181001C-025 copy

A Look Back | Mission San Fernando Rey de España

These photos were shot in 2012 on a visit to Mission San Fernando, located 25 miles north of Los Angeles. This mission is the 17th of the 21 religious outposts built in California from 1769 to 1834. We walked around the complex, and visited the museum before making our way to the church. As you exit the church, there’s a pathway that leads to a memorial garden and burial site of legendary comedian Bob Hope.

All photos photos taken with Horizon 202 on Kodak Gold 100


HORIZON052 copy
Exterior corridor
Mission life exhibit
Mission life exhibit
Historical Museum
HORIZON047 copy
Entering the church from the East Garden
Church interior
Statue of Our Lady of Hope
Memorial garden pathway
Bob Hope burial site

Saturday Walk #03

For this walk, I explored a section of the route that I take on the way to work. The auto repair shop went out of business a few years ago, and the building looked run-down with its facade covered in graffiti. But the building also has beautiful murals painted on its walls.

All photos taken with a Nikon FE2 and Nikon E lens 28/2.8 on Brooks Photo film ISO 400 (expired)

20180305A-008 copy
Out of Business
20180305A-011 copy
Auto shop
Future car-free pedestrian coop development
20180305A-006 copy
Mural by Arbe LTS KOG
Mural by Arbe LTS KOG
20180305A-012 copy
Memorial mural for Dominic Smith by EL MAC, Kofie, and Plek

2018 | Matsumoto Castle, Nagano Prefecture

Matsumoto Castle is also known as the Crow Castle due to its black exterior. The climb up the steep wooden stairs was a bit of challenge, and the stairs became narrower as we climbed higher into the keep. Once we reached the sixth floor and had the time to catch our breath, we were rewarded with a beautiful view of the castle grounds.

All photos taken with Leica M6/Summicron 50 on Ilford HP5+ and Fuji Neopan SS 100

20180430B-005 copy
Matsumoto Castle, Nagano Prefecture
20180430B-003 copy
Matsumoto Castle, Nagano Prefecture
20180430A-021 copy
Castle gate
20180430B-004 copy
Matsumoto Castle, Nagano Prefecture

A Look Back | Hotels, Rest Stops, and Gas Stations (Color)

These are a collection of images from last year’s Labor Day road trip. I took these photos on a week long trip that started in Los Angeles heading to Yellowstone National Park. On the journey back to LA, we made stops in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. The photos are arranged in no particular order, I did not take any notes during the trip and I have a hard time recalling the names of most of these places.

All photos taken with Voigtlander Bessa R4M/CV Color Skopar 21/4 on various color negative films ISO 400 (expired)

20171009B-009 copy
Filling-up gas
20171009D-025 copy
Rest stop view
20171009D-003 copy
20171009B-003 copy
Nevada parking lot
20171014E-010 copy
Empty hotel lobby
20171009D-004 copy
Winding down
20171009B-007 copy
End of the day