The last time we were in Tokyo, we had a busy two-day itinerary, and could not fit in the time to visit Tokyo Skytree. While planning for this trip, we made sure that it was on our must-visit list. We had an early start on a Thursday morning, and arrived at Oshiage station a few minutes before Skytree’s opening time. We walked around Skytree village before going up to the ticket counter located at the fourth floor. We had the place to ourselves as there were only a handful people at Tembo deck (350 meters). We paid the additional fee to go up the Tembo Galleria (450 meters), and rode the elevator up to Floor 445. I am not keen of heights so I did not enjoy walking through the glass-covered galleria starting at 445m to Sorakara Point at 450m. The view was amazing, but I tightly held on to the handrails the whole way through. The Tembo Galleria also had a collaborative event with Dragon Ball Z, so there were action figure displays, and drawings from the Dragon Ball Super movie. After enjoying a panoramic view of Tokyo, we did some souvenir shopping, and went down to the third floor to have lunch at Food Court Solamachi Tabe-Terrace.

All photos taken with Leica M6/Summicron f/2 on Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 800

7 Replies to “Japan | Tokyo Skytree”

  1. I’m envious. Last time I was there I planned to visit the Skytree but didn’t check the weather so missed the good days and ended up with only the cloudy days left. Next time.


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