The First Roll | Lomochrome Metropolis

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These photos were shot in January on a morning walk in Los Angeles’ Chinatown. Sometime last year, I backed Lomography’s Kickstarter project for Lomochrome Metropolis in 35mm and 120 format. Since this is my first time shooting this film, and I wasn’t sure what results I’d get. I opted to use a roll of 120 to test this film. These are the 12 photos I shot that day.

Photos were taken with Lomo LCA-120 on Lomochrome Metropolis shot at ISO 200. Developed at home using Tetenal C-41 Color Negative Processsing Kit, and scanned using Epson V600

3 Replies to “The First Roll | Lomochrome Metropolis”

      1. I have shot it at 200 and 400. I liked mine at 400 more but I also liked it most on a sunny day. I shot some in overcast weather and the reds and yellows weren’t as nice.


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