2017 | Mount Rushmore

The second stop on our South Dakota trip was Mount Rushmore. I really enjoyed seeing the beautiful Black Hills landscape as we drove up the mountain. It was mid afternoon when we arrived and I was feeling a bit tired. We’ve been traveling for days and we still had a few more days of travel ahead. I didn’t hike up the Presidential Trail instead I took photos as I walked around the observation deck and amphitheater.

All photos taken with a Leica M6/Summicron 50/2 on Kodak BW400CN (expired)

Here’s a few of my favorite photos:

20171009C-005 copy
Gutzon Burglom
20171009C-014 copy
20171009C-016 copy
20171009C-015 copy

2017 | Crazy Horse Memorial

We spent a few hours in South Dakota, and visited the Crazy Horse Memorial. The museum offers van rides that can take visitors to the top of the carving and see Crazy Horse up close. Since our time was limited, we settled for a walk around the museum and took photos of the monument from the viewing deck.

All photos taken with a Leica M6/Summicron 50/2 on Kodak BW400CN (expired)

Here’s a few of my favorite photos:

20171010A-012 copy
20171010A-013 copy
20171009C-003 copy
20171010A-017 copy
20171010A-014 copy
20171009C-001 copy
20171009C-004 copy
20171010A-022 copy


2017 | Arches National Park

During the first week of September, I had the opportunity to travel with my family. We went on a week-long road trip, making stops in Nevada, Utah, Colorado, South Dakota, and Wyoming. First stop was Moab, Utah and a quick visit to Arches National Park. Our time was limited and we went on a short hike to the Delicate Arch viewpoint trail. Although the lower viewpoint is quite far away from the Delicate Arch, it still had an amazing view and the trail featured a lot of beautiful red rocks.

Here’s a few of my favorites:

20171009B-012 copy
20171009B-025 copy
20171009B-013 copy
20171009B-014 copy
20171009B-016 copy
20171009B-018 copy
20171009B-021 copy
20171009B-022 copy
20171009B-020 copy

2017 | An afternoon at the County Museum

I spent a relaxing weekday afternoon exploring the different galleries at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

All photos taken with a Leica M6/Canon LTM 50/1.4 on Arista Premium 400 pushed to 3200

Here’s a few of my favorites:

20170524D-005 copy
20170524D-009 copy
20170524D-013 copy
20170524C-011 copy
20170524C-010 copy
20170524C-004 copy
20170524D-011 copy
20170524C-005 copy
20170524C-012 copy

20170524C-002 copy


2017 | An afternoon at Marina del Rey

We had a late lunch and went on a relaxing stroll on the harbor front. It was a great way to end the weekend.

All photos taken with a Leica M6/Leica Summicron 50/2 on Perutz Primera Color 200 (expired)

Here are my favorites:

2016-LEICA M6 ROLL0009002
2016-LEICA M6 ROLL0009004
2016-LEICA M6 ROLL0009005
2016-LEICA M6 ROLL0009008

2016-LEICA M6 ROLL0009013

2017 | Petersen Automotive Museum

I can’t recall the last time I visited the Petersen. But I wanted to visit it again after its $90 million dollar renovation. I opted to add the Vault tour when I purchased my ticket. The Petersen’s Vault has 150 cars which includes a Mercedes used by Saddam Hussein, a Popemobile, and a Ferrari given by Enzo Ferrari to Henry Ford II. The highlight of the tour is the Round Door Rolls, a 1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom 1 Jonckheere Coupe. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed in the Petersen Vault, but you can read about the Round Door Rolls here. During my visit, the Art of Bugatti and Keith Haring’s Art Cars were on display.

All photos taken with a Leica M6/ with a Summicron 50/2 and Canon 7E with a Canon EF 28/2.8 on Arista Premium 400 pushed to 1600

Here’s a few of my favorites:

20170523D015 copy
20170523C011 COPY
20170523B021 copy
20170523C010 copy
20170523D021 copy
20170523C023 copy
20170523D014 copy
20170523C024 copy
20170523D005 copy
The Champagne bottle that Dan Gurney used to spray the crowd while standing on the victory stand, after winning the 1967 24 Hours of Le Mans.
20170523C015 copy
20170523B023 copy
20170523B022 copy

20170523D025 copy

2017 | Obon Festival

A few weeks ago, the Nishihongwanji Temple had their annual Obon Festival. The farmer’s market had low-priced fresh fruits and vegetables and the food stalls offered delicious food and icy cold drinks perfect for a hot day. LA Taiko Ichiza also did an amazing performance. At the end of the day, everyone gathered at the temple’s back lot for the Bon Odori (a dance to honor one’s ancestors).

All photos taken with a Leica M6/Summicron 50/2 on Film Ferrania P30 Alpha. Film processed and scanned by The Darkroom lab. 


20170809A-030 copy
20170809A-032 copy
20170809A-031 copy
20170809A-020 copy
20170809A-015 copy
20170809A-024 copy

20170809A-021 copy

20170809A-027 copy
20170809A-036 copy
20170809A-037 copy

20170809A-019 copy