2018 | January FP4 Party

Last December, I received two rolls of Ilford FP4+ in 120 size from my EMULSIVE Secret Santa. I prefer to shoot ISO 400 films, but this year I wanted to try out slower films, and so I put my gift to good use by participating in my first FP4Party on Twitter.  Participants of the party will shoot Ilford’s FP4+ during the first week of the month, and post them on Twitter during the 3rd week of the month. The photos were taken during my Saturday morning walk. I made a quick stop on an area near my workplace and took some photos of murals before heading out to Chinatown.

All photos were taken with Fuji GS645S

Here’s a few of my favorites.




2017 | Saturday Walk #02

The Fuji GS645S is becoming my favorite camera for my walks. I get 14 or 15 shots per roll, which allows me to finish the roll on the same day and forces me to think carefully before clicking the shutter.

All photos taken with Fuji GS645S on Arista EDU Ultra 100 (expired)

20170821A-003 copy

20170821A-005 copy

20170821A-006 copy

20170821A-008 copy

20170821A-011 copy

20170821A-012 copy

20170821A-013 copy

20170821A-014 copy

20170821B-001 copy
20170821B-004 copy




2017 | Saturday Morning Walk #01

These photos were taken during an after-work walk while looking for a place that serves breakfast.

All photos taken with a Fuji GS645S on Arista EDU Ultra 100

Gallery Window
Shepard Fairey’s Peace Tree
Shepard Fairey’s D*Face
UnCutt Art’s Protect Yo Heart PYH 423
Wilshire Boulevard Temple