2017 | Windsor, UK

We left London Paddington at around 10  in the morning and boarded a train bound for Windsor and Eton Central Station with a train change at Slough. As we were coming close to the castle, I noticed a long line of people trying to purchase tickets. From the admission center, the line went all the way down the Castle Hill and into High Street. We booked our tickets online weeks before our visit, and were directed to a much shorter queue. We spent over three hours going around the Castle and went to the Long Walk afterwards. We visited some shops and the St. John the Baptist Church along the way.

All photos taken with a Leica M6 with a CV Color-Skopar 35/2.5 PII on Arista Premium 400

20170527B-005 copy
London Paddington
Train change at Slough
Admission Center at Windsor Castle
20170527B-009 copy
Walking up to the Castle entrance
20170527B-011 copy
Making our way to Queen Mary’s Dolls’ house
A last look of the Round Tower before making our way to the Lower Ward
One of the many shops in the castle
20170527B-026 copy
The Windsor Guildhall
Walking down High Street
St. John the Baptist Church grounds
St. John the Baptist Church
20170527B-023 copy
St. John the Baptist Church
Irish Guardsman Statue
20170527B-019 copy
Finally made it to the Long Walk
At a shop in Peascod Street
20170527B-036 copy
Windsor Royal Shopping
20170527B-038 copy
Windsor Royal Shopping
At Slough, waiting for our train back to London
London Paddington